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Singer's "Dad" Interrupts Her Music Covers in TikTok Videos

This Singer's "Dad" Interrupts Her Music Covers With Some Seriously Hilarious Commentary


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♬ original sound - sheena.melwani

One order of wholesome TikTok content, comin' right up! Today we're shining a spotlight on singer Sheena Melwani, who's raked in more than 600,000 TiKTok followers since joining the app back in April, thanks to her incredible voiceand her husband's hilarious tendency to interrupt her singing videos.

It all started when Sheena sat down at her piano to cover JP Saxe's "If the World Was Ending." As she crooned the heartfelt lyrics, her husband began interjecting with hysterical wisecracks while taking on the persona of her nagging father. "It's horrible to travel if the world was ending . . . no boys ever in this house!" he jokingly yelled off screen as Sheena laughed and continued singing. A mother of two, Sheena captioned the video, "Indian dads be like..." which led many to assume her dad was responsible for the teasing in the background. But alas, it's her witty hubby mockingly commenting on the lyrics.


Indian dads be like...#iftheworldwasending #indiandad #asiandad #funny #singleforlife #mustdostudies #closethewindow

♬ original sound - Sheena Melwani
"It's been a really nice way to share music and laughter all at once."

Since sharing that first cover back in May, Sheena has posted dozens more, singing tracks like Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold," John Legend's "All of Me," Sia's "Chandelier," and Adele's "Hello," all while her husband teases her in the background. She told POPSUGAR that she hopes the videos have given her followers a much-needed, family-friendly giggle. "At a time when people are really not in a good place — they're sad, they're down in the dumps, we're dealing with this global pandemic — people are looking for a reason to laugh, smile, and connect," she told POPSUGAR. "It's been a really nice way to share music and laughter all at once."

Ready to have you day brightened? Read ahead to watch some of Sheena's most entertaining TikTok videos so far, and shoot her a follow for more clips in the future (@sheena.melwani on TikTok and @sheenamelwani on Instagram). Come for her powerhouse voice; stay for her spouse's comical quips.

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