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I See You Horror Movie Trailer Featuring Helen Hunt

The Trailer For I See You Is Haunting, Disturbing, and Basically Horror at Its Creepiest

There are different levels of scary when it comes to horror films, and the I See You trailer already has me convinced that it's "Level 3: There's No Coming Back From This, I'm in a Perpetual State of Terror" terrifying. The film, produced by Saban Films and Paramount Pictures, tells the story of Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) who is the lead investigator on the case of a missing 12-year-old boy. Harper struggles to balance the pressure of the investigation with his wife Jackie's (Helen Hunt) own troubles as a more sinister problem lurks around them.

"Facing a recent affair, great strain is put on the family that slowly gnaws away at Jackie's grip on reality," the film's official description reads. "But after a malicious presence manifests itself in their home and puts their son, Connor (Judah Lewis), in mortal danger, the cold, hard truth about evil in the Harper household is finally uncovered."

I See You — which is is available in theaters, on demand and digital Dec. 6 — is directed by Adam Randall, written by Dexter's Devon Graye, and produced by Matt Waldeck. In addition to Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney, the film also stars Judah Lewis, Owen Teague, Libe Barer, Greg Alan Williams, Erika Alexander, and Allison King. As someone who has stayed awake all night after watching a scary movie, I already have a feeling this is going to be a "sleepless night" kind of film. Prepare to be scared and watch the full trailer above.

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