Ian Somerhalder Read Steamy Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction, and I'm Blushing at My Screen

Sit down, grab a drink, and prepare to be hypnotized by this video of V Wars star Ian Somerhalder reading steamy Vampire Diaries fan fiction — it's love at first bite. In a video shared to Netflix's Instagram account on Friday, Somerhalder took a few minutes to read aloud an excerpt from One Night For Eternity, a fanmade story based off of The Vampire Diaries. So, yeah, we're definitely experiencing some secondhand cringe right about now.

The detailed and sensuous fan fiction is a treat for anyone who's ever crushed on Damon Salvatore. Somerhalder made the experience even more enjoyable by using an appropriately sultry voice and throwing in a few mischievous faces that matched up with the narration. Watch the full video to find out what happens after "he parts his lips to bare his fangs," and prepare to blush.