Jack Black's Attempt at the "WAP" Dance Will Live Rent-Free in My Brain For Years to Come

Bring a bucket and a mop, 'cause Jack Black just attempted the "WAP" dance challenge, and things got wet indeed. The actor successfully cured the internet's Monday blues this week by sharing a short but oh-so-entertaining clip of him dancing along to Cardi B's chorus in her hit collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion. He didn't just nail the dance in his bedroom or foyer, either; he had his own music-video shoot of sorts in front of the trampoline in his backyard, complete with a hose for dramatic effect.

Wearing nothing but a teeny-tiny red Speedo, Black really went for it — high kick, windmill, hip thrusts, and all. Despite getting constantly splashed in the face by a very aggressive stream of water, he persisted like a champ. While sharing the video of his dance on Instagram, the 51-year-old star tagged what appears to be his son's Instagram handle as credit for being the "hose water technician." Fellow celebrities couldn't help but comment on Black's video with their praise for his one-of-a-kind take on the dance trend. Robert Downey Jr. commented, "Get it !!!," while Ed Helms wrote, "How dare you NOT do this on the giant trampoline behind you?!?!!!" All in favor of take two on the trampoline, please say "aye."