Jack Harlow's "Glamorous" Sample Boosts Fergie's Streaming Numbers

Nostalgia wins again as Jack Harlow's sample of a Fergie classic boosts the singer's streaming numbers. For his latest single, "First Class" — which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this month — Harlow sampled Fergie's 2007 smash hit "Glamorous." Data from Luminate reveals that there's been a subsequent 70 percent streaming increase in the former Black Eyed Peas member's Y2K pop single, as reported by Variety.

Prior to its recent sampling, "Glamorous" had 3,225,900 on-demand total streams. After Harlow's single blew up, Fergie's song was boosted to 5,474,100 total streams. Digital song sales for the pop track increased from 400 to 900 — a 125 percent increase.

Harlow first teased his single on TikTok, which primed the track to become a trending hit on the platform. According to Variety, the song received 54 million streams after its April 8 release and scored Harlow his first-ever solo No. 1 hit. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harlow revealed that his decision to sample Fergie's song was inspired by his childhood connection with the singer.

"I grew up loving Fergie, like she literally inspired me," he said at the Kids' Choice Awards. "When I was in 5th grade, I tried to perform 'Fergalicious' at the talent show. I have, like, a strong artistic connection to Fergie. I've been wanting to do that for a while, and it just came together, and I figured it's time." He added, "I'm curious how many kids know that, 'cause I was a kid when this was out."

Paying homage to the classics is always a smart move for artists, and in Harlow's case, it seems like a sample paid off big time.