Melissa Joan Hart Is "Subpoena the Teenage Witch" in This James Corden Spoof (With Salem!)

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Sabrina Spellman can pretty much make anything happen (within some reasonable limitations set by the Witches' Council), but during a segment of The Late Late Show With James Corden, she learns about the almighty power of subpoenas. Which, if we're being honest, isn't very powerful at all.

James Corden conjured up Melissa Joan Hart and Nick Bakay to reprise their iconic roles as Sabrina and the voice of Salem Saberhagen, respectively, for Sabrina the Teenage Witch — or rather, Subpoena the Teenage Witch. In the video, James teleports from Washington DC to educate his cousin Sabrina on her new ability to issue subpoenas. But as Sabrina learns, her power doesn't actually make people go to court or jail. They largely go ignored (just ask Mike Pence, Rick Perry, or even Rudy Giuliani). Watch how Sabrina handles her new powers and savor the return of our favorite magical family on the actual set of Aunt Hilda and Zelda's house. This is probably the closest we'll get to a revival anytime soon.