Janice From Friends Has a Grown-Up Daughter, and Yes, She Can Recite That Iconic Line

Apparently, TikTok is the destination for discovering what Friends-related children are up to these days. Recently, one of Frank Jr. and Alice's triplets gave us an update, and a few days ago, Janice's real-life daughter also revealed herself in this viral TikTok video. Fans know Janice, who was played by Maggie Wheeler, for her signature catchphrase, "Oh My GOD," and her signature cackle. And Wheeler's daughter, Gemma Remington, knows it, too.

In the TikTok video, Remington wrote, "When people find out who my mom was on Friends and try to get me to do the voice," and mouths the famous saying. We don't hear the 20-year-old saying the phrase out loud, but hopefully she'll show us in a future TikTok. Remington is pretty active on the platform, and even posted a video with Janice herself as requested by fans, where Wheeler chuckles and shakes her head as her daughter answers very honestly in a game of Never Have I Ever.