Jesse Williams Drops Hints About His "Grey's Anatomy" Return

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Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew will be back in scrubs very soon, but the question of whether their "Grey's Anatomy" characters, Jackson and April, will reunite remains.

During his May 9 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," Williams dropped hints about the upcoming season finale of "Grey's Anatomy." "I think . . . a dart would shoot into my neck if I told you what happened with Japril," he said when asked about the pair's future. "But they exist in some form or fashion, and you will see them on screen, possibly on the same screen." When asked if the season had already been shot, Williams replied, "Possibly, yeah."

The "Grey's Anatomy"'s season 18 finale, which premieres on May 26, marks the show's 400th episode and is set to be a two-hour special event. ABC recently released descriptions of the episodes, and they're sure to make for a heart-wrenching conclusion.

In episode 19, "Out For Blood," which will form the first hour of the finale, Grey Sloan Memorial deals with a blood shortage; meanwhile, Meredith helps Nick, and Winston struggles with family relationships. In the second half of the episode, "You Are the Blood," Meredith takes a risk, and Owen's actions come to the forefront. All the while, the blood shortage continues, and we can only hope that a Japril reunion happens somewhere in the midst of it all.