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John Boyega Talks About Star Wars in Hot Ones Video

Hot Ones: John Boyega Says Anakin Is a Better Jedi Than Rey and Nearly Loses His Mind

John Boyega has been on an especially revealing promotional tour for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and after his recent visit to First We Feast's Hot Ones, we can't wait to see more. The actor — who tweeted about being "scared as hell" before going on the show on Nov. 26 — tackled the challenge with host Sean Evans, and we're proud to say he made it through without drinking a drop of milk or water. That didn't save him from the heat though, and he bravely (and loudly) suffered through as he dished on the end of the Skywalker saga.

Possibly the most heated moment of the segment is when Boyega addressed the backlash he received after sharing one of his most controversial Star Wars beliefs: that Anakin Skywalker is "a strong and much better Jedi" than Rey. We don't doubt that Daisy Ridley has her thoughts about the comment, but Boyega stands by his statement despite some fans disagreeing with him.

"Anakin's the G," he reiterated in the video. "Rey would get pushed to the side — we would all get slammed to the wall and held there while he fights. It's just the truth!"

Watch Boyega slowly lose his cool in the video above, and get ready for the release of his "small little film," The Rise of Skywalker, on Dec. 20.

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