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Watch John Krasinski Re-Create Jim Halpert's To-Camera Look

Still Got It! Watch John Krasinski Re-Create His Famous To-Camera Stare From The Office

Jim Halpert lived within John Krasinski for nine seasons. It's only natural, then, that a few of The Office character's quirks and mannerisms still linger beneath the surface. For example, Jim is known to often break the fourth wall and look at the camera throughout the mockumentary-style series. (Please enjoy a montage of all those moments here.) In a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Krasinski proved he's still got it.

While discussing dinner plans that Colbert had politely turned down, the talk show host shot a sarcastic glance to the camera, which then prompted Krasinski to show off his own take. "I only made a life out of it," the actor said, before momentarily conjuring Jim's spirit and making the entire studio audience lose their goddamn minds. "Well played," Colbert replied. Watch the nostalgia-inducing late-night moment starting at around 3:10 in the video above.

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