JoJo's Remix Begs Everyone to "Chill (Stay In)" Amid Coronavirus

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Stay in! Right now! Do it for humanity! The year is 2020, and JoJo is serving up an informative banger. In an effort to encourage everyone to stay in and self-isolate during the coronavirus outbreak, JoJo performed a remix of her 2004 hit "Leave (Get Out)" aptly titled "Chill (Stay In)." The singer initially posted the video on TikTok, where it soared to almost 2 million views, and we have to applaud her important and adorably creative lyrics.

"I never thought corona could be such a nasty b*tch, but now that she's here, boy, all I want, is for you to use common sense," she sings. "Stay in! Right now! Do it for humanity! I'm dead*ss! About that, but we will survive . . . Tell me why you're acting so confused, when the CDC laid it out for you. Come on I know you're not dumb. To go behind my back and hit the bar, shows how immature you really are. Keep exposure to a minimum!"

JoJo released the full version of the song on Thursday on YouTube. With singers like John Legend and Charlie Puth sharing live concerts on Instagram, and other celebrities joining forces virtually to sing "Imagine" by John Lennon, stars are getting creative to reach fans during this time.