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Watch Joshua Bassett's "Lie Lie Lie​" Music Video

Joshua Bassett Gets Some Things Off His Chest in "Lie Lie Lie" Music Video

Joshua Bassett is letting his feelings be known in his latest single "Lie Lie Lie." On Thursday, the 20-year-old dropped the video for the track, which features him singing his heart out in the middle of the desert. "I know what you say about me / I hope that it makes you happy / Can't seem to get me off your mind," he croons to the camera as shots of him standing in front of a car flash the screen.

While this is the first time fans have heard the full track, Bassett actually wrote it a while ago. He first gave fans a sneak peek of the song in November 2019, when he shared a video of him singing and playing guitar on Instagram. Ahead of the music video release, Bassett talked about the inspiration behind the song on his Instagram Story. "I wrote 'Lie, Lie, Lie' after I found out a friend had been lying about me behind my back for a long time," he said. "It always sucks to hear that someone you thought you could trust would throw you under the bus when it benefits them. It happens to all of us, and I think all you can do is seek out people that build you up rather than tear you down." Watch the video for "Lie Lie Lie" above!

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