Get Ready, Gilead — June Might Have a New Ally in The Handmaid's Tale

Everything about June's dedication to revolutionizing Gilead and getting justice for her family and her fellow handmaids on The Handmaid's Tale is enough to get anyone fired up, even June's frenemy Serena Joy. Throughout the past two seasons of the show, we've seen June and Serena grow in their relationship and understand each other more. In season three, Serena's newfound sense of self and her frustration with Gilead's government will turn her into the ultimate ally for June, and here's why.

Serena once stood as an author and a major public figure who took pride in the work that she completed. Now, she is marginalized by her husband, Commander Waterford, and the society that she lives in and serves with the purpose of pleasing the men in her life. With Serena's growing frustration of living in a male-dominated society and the idea of a daughter growing up only to suffer in the ways that she and June do, she decides to help June escape Gilead. One of the last scenes of season two shows a tearful Serena saying goodbye to her daughter as June escapes. A part of Serena is broken now that her only chance at having a child is gone, as well as one of her confidantes, but she understands that the only way for her child to have a happy life is to get away from the family she would soon grow up in.

Naturally, this is heartbreaking and infuriating for Serena, who only ever wanted a baby.

The first episode of season three sends us right back to Gilead, after June has sent baby Nichole with Emily, rather than taking her to safety herself. When June returns to the Waterfords' house, Serena is furious that the baby is no longer with June, her protector.

It's just another peg in the timeline of Serena and June's tumultuous relationship. We've seen Serena manipulate June more than once, and we've seen June betray Serena just as hard, like when she hides out in an abandoned house for several weeks while she's still pregnant with baby Nichole. Along the way, though, there have been acts of kindness from both of the characters that have brought them ever so slightly closer. Even though these two characters haven't always been on the same terms with each other, it's clear that they are both unhappy with the world they're living in.

As season three goes on, we can't help but think Serena is going to lean more heavily into her anger toward Gilead and the life she had to leave behind to serve the men in the country. She's already getting snappy with the Commander, even telling him in season three, "I don't need you to protect me." I think it's safe to say that Serena has had it with the Commander's misogynistic ways and is ready to start paving her own path instead — possibly with June at her side? We think it's a good bet.

Serena has created quite the story arc with her character. From acts of cruelty in season one to helping June and defying the government she helped create in season two, it seems highly probable that Serena is going to help June and become a part of the resistance. With Serena and June being two prominent characters stuck in Gilead, I don't think there's any way they won't end up being allies. Praise be!