Justine Skye's New Song Is Definitely About Giveon, Right?

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Justine Skye is not mincing words when it comes to her ex. On Friday, the 26-year-old singer dropped the music video for her new song "What a Lie," which seems to be all about her previous relationship with Giveon. Skye begins the track singing, "User, what a user / A blessing, learning lessons / I see then for entertaining leechers / My poison was your peaches." In the visual, Skye is shown taking a bite of a peach and spitting it out. Could the peach references be a nod to Giveon's "Peaches" collaboration with Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar?

In another set of lyrics, Skye belts, "Couldn't believe I got that night / Saw the messages in plain sight / How you never thought to delete / Like you wanted me to read and now." Back in December, Skye exposed one of her exes for cheating during an Instagram Live. After asking her fans about the craziest thing they'd ever caught someone lying about, Skye recalled the time she found out her then-boyfriend was cheating on her after she got a hold of his phone and saw that he was texting multiple women.

"It's three days of me not letting him know that I had his phone and just watching him be a f*cking fool texting all these b*tches," she said. "Finally, when I hear from him, one of the first things he said to me was, 'Are you trying to ruin me? You told everyone.' 'Everyone' talking about my friends. So at that point, I really knew what he was in for, which is crazy. . . . People like that don't last. It doesn't matter. Anyway, that for sure was the craziest lie that I've ever caught someone in." While she never actually said Giveon's name, the two reportedly broke up just two months before the Instagram Live.

Coincidentally, Giveon is releasing a song with a similar title on April 29: "Lie Again." On April 19, Skye responded to the upcoming release, tweeting, "I already know what this weak ass song sounds like anyway 😒 it's not what y'all think it'll be."

Watch Skye's "What a Lie" music video above.