Kanye West Took Sunday Service to 30,000 Feet and Opened Up in Candid Airpool Karaoke Interview

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Kanye West's Carpool Karaoke was never going to be run of the mill. Oh, no no. On Monday night, James Corden and Kanye took to the sky in the latest episode of the singalong segment on The Late Late Show, titled Airpool Karaoke.

A riff on the classic Carpool Karaoke formula, James Corden's flight is cancelled, so he calls his good friend Kanye to give him a lift back to LA. At first, it seems like Corden will be boarding a private jet (this is Kanye he's meeting, after all), but when he walks onto a commercial flight — and sits with Kanye in coach class, no less — it becomes clear that the other passengers are Kanye's Sunday Service gospel choir. They click on their seat belts, Corden says the funniest line of the segment ("Safety first 'Ye"), and they're quickly jetting down the runway.

While Kanye is obviously used to being surround by a huge gospel singers and asks Corden with a nonplussed "how was that?" after the first performance, Corden is clearly jazzed about the choir, responding with an excited "sensational" and a cackle, continuing, "I don't know, that was pretty good for me — how was it for you?"

What comes next is a candid conversation between Corden and Kanye about Kanye's struggles with mental health, drinking, and his staggering financial debts. Kanye explains why he started Sunday Service in the first place. He says he was inspired to start a church in Calabasas when he went to the hospital a few years ago. He also opens up about the one lyric he knew would make him famous. He said he still remembers the moment he was walking through a Virgin Megastore (which is a wonderful throwback in itself), right after he wrote the now-iconic line in "Slow Jamz," and knew it'd be the last time he would walk the streets without being recognized.

In the interview, Kanye also speaks about his five-year marriage to Kim Kardashian (throwing shade to Kris Humphries along the way) and his relationship with religion. Watch the full video above.