BRB, Gotta Sob While Listening to King Princess's Stunning, Stripped-Down Lady Gaga Cover

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Lady Gaga's "Speechless" is a dramatic, emotional ballad that's one of the singer's, in my humble opinion, most underrated tracks. But now, thanks to King Princess's appearance on Phil Taggart's Chillest Show, we have a new version of the song to obsess over.

The "1950" singer and LGBTQ+ icon, who's currently on her Cheap Queen tour, sat down in the BBC Radio 1 studio to perform a stripped-back ode to Gaga's love song. It has a raw quality to the sound that is a perfect fit for lyrics like "Could we fix you if you broke? / And is your punch line just a joke? / I'll never talk again / Oh girl you've left me speechless / You've left me speechless, so speechless."

Listen to King Princess's version of "Speechless" above, but just make sure you have some tissues handy — it's a tearjerker.