Kristen Wiig Opens SNL With a Delightfully Delirious Rendition of "My Favorite Things"

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Kristen Wiig is back at Saturday Night Live . . . for the second time this year! The comedian and Wonder Woman 1984 actress hosted one of the sketch show's remote episodes back in May, which feels like both yesterday and years ago, but she returned to help close out season 46 live and at 30 Rockefeller Plaza on Dec. 19.

"I am happy to say this is the last show of 2020, and what an icky year it has been," Wiig said before deciding to regale the audience with an uplifting performance of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music, except with slightly updated lyrics that, uh, barely made sense. Fresh off portraying Kamala Harris in the cold open, Maya Rudolph joined Wiig to share her own rendition about "Pop Rocks on hot dogs" and . . . Wayne Brady? The classic song only got more surreal when Kate McKinnon joined the SNL alumnae. Watch the delightfully delirious opening monologue above.