Lady Gaga Finally Joins In on the "Wednesday" TikTok Dance Trend

Mother Monster has seen the TikToks, and she's here to show us how it's done. On Dec. 8, Lady Gaga re-created Jenna Ortega's viral dance from the Netflix series "Wednesday," dancing to the tune of her own 2011 track "Bloody Mary." In the black-and-white clip, Gaga applies theatrical makeup and quickly pulls on a pair of plaid knee-high socks and her interpretation of a school uniform before stepping into frame with a very Wednesday Addams-style braided hairstyle and beginning to dance. "Bloody Wednesday," Gaga captioned the TikTok.

The dance sequence in the series was originally set to "Goo Goo Muck" by The Cramps. Ortega, the show's eponymous star, said her choreography was inspired by "archival footage of goths dancing in clubs in the '80s," as well as Siouxsie Sioux and Bob Fosse's "Rich Man's Frug." The scene eventually made the rounds on TikTok, where users found it synced perfectly to a sped-up version of Gaga's "Bloody Mary," off "Born This Way."

Gaga was a fan of Wednesday's dance moves before the TikTok trend, however: after the official Wednesday Addams account gave the trend its stamp of approval on Twitter, Gaga replied, "Slay Wednesday! You're welcome at Haus of Gaga anytime (and bring Thing with you, we love paws around here 😉)." If this TikTok is any indication, it seems as though Haus of Wednesday already feels like home to her.