Stephen Colbert Challenged Squid Game's Reigning Champ to the Dalgona Candy Game (Bold Move)

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A friendly bet over a game of cards or a few rounds of basketball is one thing, but Stephen Colbert took his competitive streak to a whole other level on Tuesday night when he took on Squid Game's Lee Jung-jae, who plays Seong Gi-hun (player 456), in the Dalgona Candy Challenge.

On Nov. 30, Lee made an appearance on Colbert's Late Show to discuss Squid Game's global success, the deeper meaning behind the series, and his natural skill for all the games played in the show. Toward the end of the interview, Colbert placed two metal tins on his desk, each filled with dalgona, aka ppopgi, the thick honeycomb candies the Squid Game contestants are forced to break during the second round of the competition, and boldly challenged Lee to a toffee showdown.

Armed with all the confidence of Ali Abdul in the marble round (read: not a lot), Colbert set to work carving out his umbrella shape with a pin while Lee easily broke off a side of his triangle and started snacking away on the extra shards of candy, a total 180 compared to his now-famous licking scene on the show. For all of his effort, Colbert wasn't as lucky as the reigning Squid Game champ. Watch the full video here to see exactly how Lee and Colbert's candy-filled competition went down.