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Liam Payne Watches Old One Direction Music Videos

Liam Payne Watching Old One Direction Videos Is What Makes Us Emotional

If you're in need of something to fill the One Direction-shaped hole in your heart, look no further than Liam Payne recalling his own midnight memories. In a recent YouTube video, the former One Direction star reflected on his time with the band, and it didn't take long for Payne to comment on how weird he thinks he sounds in one of their first tour announcements. Throughout the video, he adorably mentioned how surreal it is to watch their old videos, including "Drag Me Down" (he couldn't help but mention Zayn Malik's boobs), "Night Changes" (where he "won" a teddy bear on a date with himself), and "History" (let the tears commence).

No One Direction fan can keep things together when thinking about "History," as it was the beginning of the end of One Direction as we all knew them. In the video, Payne also confirmed that One Direction already knew "what was about to happen next with the band," which is why it was "quite emotional" for him to film. Watch the full clip above to see Payne talk about the One Direction video diaries, their Family Guy appearance, and how he almost died multiple times.

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