Little Simz Captures Hearts With BRIT Awards Speech: "Keep Dreaming, Keep Pushing"

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We. Were. Not. Ready. For Little Simz at the 2022 BRIT Awards. If it wasn't enough that she served a stunning two-part performance – with the ever so eloquent Emma Corrin delivering their spoken word verse from Little Simz' smash hit, "Introvert" – she also brought the house down with the most beautiful acceptance speech of the evening, winning her first-ever BRIT award for best new artist.

Little Simz warmed our hearts with her gracious reaction, bringing her adorable mom onto stage to share in her big moment. The humble genius had the crowd, and people at home, in waves of cheers and tears, beginning her speech with "Look at what you've done, Mum. Look at what you've done," as she handed her the award over, which she proudly waved to the crowd.

The BRIT award-winning artist has done some amazing things for the British music industry, using her platform to make the many – not the few – feel seen and heard. Her songs have provided comfort and support for many people who are fighting against the social, political, and economic struggles of our time.

The tear-jerking joy kept coming in Little Simz' speech, as she offered a sincere "Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey so far", with a delivery that was felt deeply. She also went on, in true Little Simz style, to offer inspiration to her fans with a speech that, well, we'll let you read it – grab the tissues:

"Anyone that is watching this at home, I am living proof that if you work hard at something - no matter where you come from, no matter your background, no matter your race. You can do something extraordinary. So this is for all the kids dreaming. Keep dreaming, keep pushing. I am you, you are me. Blessings".

Watch the full speech above, and see Little and Mother Simz side by side.