Lizzo Stuns at the AMAs With a Soulful Debut of Breakup Ballad "Jerome"

Someone must have forgotten to tell Lizzo that she was a newbie to the American Music Awards stage, because she rocked her performance like an old-school pro! The Cuz I Love You artist took the stage on Sunday to perform her brand-new single, "Jerome." The breakup ballad is completely different from her megahit "Truth Hurts," but damn, we're already telling our own Jeromes to take their ass back home!

Barefoot and wearing a sensational gown, Lizzo belted out the anthem of every fed-up woman and gave fans drama, ending her performance by crying out the final note and falling to the ground. She always manages to make her performances spectacularly unique! We love a queen who knows how to stage a soulful performance and give us some flair to go along with it. Watch the exciting performance ahead.

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Watch Lizzo's “Jerome” Performance at the 2019 AMAs