Netflix's Love on the Spectrum: Here's Where the Daters Are Now

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After watching Netflix's Love on the Spectrum, you probably found yourself wondering where the daters are now. The series, which premiered on July 22, explores romance and relationships of young adults on the autism spectrum as they go on dates and try to find their special person. Though a few of them make connections with people while filming, the series doesn't exactly explain what happened once the cameras stopped rolling . . . until now.

In a video shared by Netflix on Monday, Olivia, Chloe, Mark, and many more daters reveal what they are currently up to. While Thomas and Ruth have gotten married, some daters like Michael are still searching for love. In fact, Michael has joined a dating app! In addition to sharing some details about their love lives, they also shared some of their hopes and dreams for the future. Watch the heartwarming clip to see where everyone ended up above.