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Watch "Masks," Liam Kyle Sullivan's 2020 "Shoes" Sequel

14 Years After "Shoes," Kelly's Back to Teach Us About "Masks"

Who would've guessed that 2020 would bring us a sequel to one of the greatest YouTube videos to ever exist? I certainly didn't, but on Sept. 1, comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan posted a follow-up to "Shoes" called "Kelly 'Masks'" and I instantly felt transported back to 2006. Rather than show us her love for shoes, Kelly (Sullivan) teaches us the differences between which masks rule and which masks suck as a way of sticking it to her mother (Pam Cook), who doesn't believe in the use of masks.

The best part about the video is its impeccable continuity. Rather than just sub in the word "masks" for "shoes," Sullivan has updated the entire skit for 2020 and even had characters show growth — although Kelly's mom still thinks she's a wh*re. There's even a nod to the trippy pool party from the original "Shoes" with a roundup of videos at the end, including a cameo from comedian Margaret Cho. You can watch the full video above before checking out the original below.

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