The Meet the Parents Cast Reunited to Talk Milking Cats and Another Possible Sequel

It's been exactly two decades since Meet the Parents first graced the silver screen, so the cast reunited to celebrate the big anniversary and take a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Hoda Kotb wrangled Robert De Niro (Jack Byrnes), Ben Stiller (Greg Focker), Teri Polo (Pamela Byrnes), Blythe Danner (Dina Byrnes), and director Jay Roach for a joint virtual interview on the Today show, and it felt like they were gathered around that dinner table listening to Greg's cringe-worthy dinner prayer all over again. After discussing the film's staying power through the years, the group reminisced about some of their favorite scenes, including the bit when Greg claims to have milked a cat growing up. This prompted De Niro to toss out a shortened version of his character's famous response: "You wanna milk me, too?"

Some interesting revelations were shared during the reunion, like the fact that Jim Carrey is actually the one responsible for coming up with the name Focker. Oh, and Polo also noted that her mom wound up adopting one of the various cats used to play the role of Jinxy, Jack's beloved Himalayan feline. How sweet! Of course, Kotb couldn't resist asking whether the cast would be up for another addition to the Meet the Parents movie franchise, which presently includes three titles, and they were all on board with the idea. "I'm game. There was some talk about it . . . I'm for it," De Niro said. Stiller added, "I'm always open to the opportunity to work with these people. It always just comes down to is there a good idea, an idea that makes sense?"

Watch the entire reunion above to see Stiller hilariously recall his first scene with De Niro and to hear what Kotb thinks the next Meet the Parents sequel should be about.