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Watch Megan Fox React to Old Movies and Interviews in Video

Megan Fox Revisits Her Early Roles, Including Holiday in the Sun's Iconic Brianna Wallace

Though many millennials continue to revisit Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Holiday in the Sun over the years, of her first-ever role as the movie's bratty Brianna Wallace, Megan Fox said, "I don't need to ever see it again." The actress recently rewatched many of her old scenes and interviews in a nostalgia-filled segment for Entertainment Tonight.

Though Fox said she hasn't kept in touch with the Olsen twins since the movie release in 2001, she did praise their career evolution. "Look at what they've gone on to do," Fox said. "That's amazing what they've done, creating those fashion brands. Icons."

Just a few years later, Fox played yet another "mean girl" in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, starring Lindsay Lohan. Reacting to a red carpet interview from that press tour, Fox said, "What am I wearing? What is that necklace? Look at my hair and makeup! It's so bad." Adding, "Look at my eyebrows . . . where are my eyebrows?" That being said, not everything has changed: "I still talk like that, which is the scary thing."

On the more personal front, Fox also watched a scene from her early 2000s sitcom Hope & Faith, which introduced her to Brian Austin Green. "I was kind of in love with him right away," she said. Fox added that her sister had warned her that she would simply be Green's "booty call" due to their 12-year age difference, but 15 years and three children later, that clearly didn't end up being the case. Fox said, "I'm nobody's booty call, OK?"

Watch the video above to hear what Fox also had to say about working with Shia LaBeouf, her falling-out with Transformers director Michael Bay, and her conflicted feelings about being regarded as a sex symbol.

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