A Round of Applause For Melissa Villaseñor's Iconic Gwen Stefani Impression

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Melissa Villaseñor's knack for nailing celebrity impressions remains unmatched. During a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member showed off her uncanny ability to mimic the voices of various stars, seamlessly rattling off six impressions in less than two minutes without even breaking a sweat.

She kicked off the game by imitating actress Wanda Sykes riding a rollercoaster before morphing into a hippo-obsessed Owen Wilson on a safari and an exasperated Lily Tomlin ordering a pizza. The real gem came about halfway through when Villaseñor resurrected her flawless Gwen Stefani impersonation from the archives as she spoofed the "Hollaback Girl" singer hailing a cab. If you close your eyes before pressing play on the video above, you'll undoubtedly think DeGeneres was interviewing Stefani herself — Villaseñor's that good.