Music Mood Board: Songs For a Relaxed *and* Productive Workday

This week's Music Mood Board is all about the tracks that have helped me keep calm and focused throughout the workday. I often play hard-hitting, bass-heavy songs when I need a surge of energy, but some days call for more soothing tunes that put my mind at ease as I complete all the tasks on my daily to-do list. Ahead, listen to the songs that have allowed me to whoosah and get stuff done.

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“Be Like That” by Kane Brown, Swae Lee, and Khalid

I didn't know how much I needed this collaboration until I heard it. The mix of vocals on this track is just heavenly.

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“Menace” by Maya Hawke

This song from Hawke's debut album, Blush, embraces a tranquil melody complemented by the singer's delicate musings.

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“Stranger” by Jacob Banks

Banks and his entrancing voice have an immediate calming effect on this track. Stress? We don't know her.

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“My Reality” by Aminé

Aminé boasts some of his most pensive verses on his third studio album Limbo, which features the triumphant "My Reality."

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“Godspeed” by James Blake

Blake's ability to alleviate stress with his music is honestly a superpower. Not all heroes wear capes!

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“OK on Your Own” by Mxmtoon feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

This light and airy song is a suitable backdrop for a productive day of work. Not to mention, it's a great reminder to enjoy spending time with yourself.