Neil Diamond's New Version of "Sweet Caroline" Is All About Washing Hands, and I Love It

There are plenty of helpful reminders to keep your hands clean nowadays, and Neil Diamond just added another to the list. The iconic singer recently sang a version of "Sweet Caroline" on Twitter with the lyrics slightly tweaked to emphasize good hygiene. He's one of many celebrities who've raised awareness about ways people can try to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

The bridge of Diamond's song usually goes, "Hands, touching hands / Reaching out, touching me, touching you," but he tweaked things slightly and sang, "Hands, washing hands / Don't touch me, I won't touch you." You heard him, folks! It also helps that the new bridge clocks in at 20 seconds, which is the minimum recommended time limit for handwashing hygiene. Watch the full video below to see Diamond's rendition, and don't be surprised if the catchy tune gets stuck in your head.