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Echoes Series: Cast, Trailer

Michelle Monaghan Plays Twins Whose Carefully Shared Life Gets Derailed in "Echoes"

Echoes Series: Cast, Trailer
Image Source: Netflix

"There's something you're not telling me," begins the trailer for Netflix's newest original series, "Echoes." The mystery thriller — out next month — tells the chilling story of Leni and Gina, twin sisters who share their two lives, families and all. But when Leni goes missing, the sisters' perfect double life is brought to its knees, and the audience is left trying to piece together the real story. Haunting clues like a book that reads, "You get both lives. Choose," and a screen that says "I know everything," continue to mystify Leni's disappearance. Was this a murderous act? Is Leni really gone at all? And above all else . . . did she ever truly exist in the first place?

The sinister storyline is brought to audiences by Brian Yorkey, the creator of "13 Reasons Why," and producer Quinton Peeples. Vanessa Gazy, best known for her work with the Australian series "Eden," is both the writer and creator behind "Echoes." She will serve as an executive producer, along with Yorkey and Peeples. Read on for everything we know so far about the series, and make sure to check out the official trailer to see if it sparks any preliminary theories.

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