A TikToker Created a Chrome Extension to Show Exactly How Much Netflix You Watched in 2020

To celebrate the end of each year, Spotify Wrapped gives users a personalized look back at their listening history and reveals all the stats on their music habits throughout the months, which often leads to people sharing their results on social media. But what if you were also curious about your watching habits? Enter: the unofficial Netflix Wrapped.

Inspired by Spotify's wrap-up and the fact that we all probably watched way too much TV during this roller coaster of a year, one TikToker created a Netflix Wrapped Chrome extension and shared his invention on the platform. TikTok user Niko Draca, who's a software engineer based in Canada, designed the tool to allow people to dive deep into their past year on the streaming platform.

While the extension isn't affiliated with Netflix in any way and may still have some kinks, it's a pretty cool way to see just how many hours (or in my case, days) of TV and films you've watched in 2020. Though I was already fully aware I watched mindless hours of Gossip Girl and every corny rom-com to hit the platform, it was still fun to see a detailed look at my stats.

You can do the same by simply adding the plug-in to your Google Chrome browser, logging into your Netflix account, opening the extension, and hitting start. Note that crunching the numbers can take a few minutes, so keep the window open while you wait. Once the tool loads, you'll see a breakdown of your watch history by hours total, hours watched by month and day of week, content rating, and genre. Ahead, find out exactly how to use Netflix Wrapped and check out how Draca built the plug-in.