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Niall Horan “Nice To Meet Ya” Music Video

Niall Horan Is Smooth, Suave, and Incredibly Thirsty in the "Nice to Meet Ya" Music Video

Well, well, well, isn't Niall Horan all grown-up? On Oct. 4, Horan dropped the music video for his brand new song "Nice to Meet Ya." The song itself is pop rock-style and has strong Robbie Williams vibes (in a good way). The video starts with a beautiful woman leaving his flat in the early hours of the morning, if you know what we mean (of course you do), which sets the tone for the entire video.

It then flashes back to 24 hours before, which kicks off a series of scenes involving Horan walking the streets of central London. He repeatedly spots a beautiful woman (the same women we saw leave his flat earlier) more than once, along with the lyrics, "It's nice to meet ya / what's your name / let me treat ya / you a drink," "every time I turn around / you disappear," and "one minute you're there / the next one you're gone." Next, Horan is fitted for a very dapper brown suit and assembles the lads for a night out, at which point (you guessed it), the beautiful woman walks up to the bar. He turns his back for a moment (to do a shot with the boys), and when he turns back, there's only a napkin with a phone number and the woman's retreating figure.

Now, this is where the fun starts. If you call the number on the napkin, you'll reach a cute voice message from Horan teasing that there are four Easter eggs in the song, all hinting to names of future singles — we sense a new album coming along. Happy watching, team!

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