We Broke a Sweat Just Watching Normani Teach Her "Wild Side" Dance Choreography

Grab some kneepads, stretch your hamstrings, and warn your downstairs neighbors if you live in an apartment building, because Normani just released a dance tutorial for her "Wild Side" music video. On Monday night, the singer went live on Instagram and TikTok with choreographer Sean Bankhead and her crew of dancers to break down the elaborate routine for fans interested in learning it at home, and whew, is it a doozy. Before teaching the moves step by step, Normani prefaced, "Don't think that I just got this overnight," and Bankhead echoed similar sentiments by advising, "This is definitely not a dance for the weak." Consider yourself (and your knees) warned!

The group then dove in and dissected every move, making sure to include modifications for the particularly difficult ones. If you have an hour to spare sometime this week and are in need of a good ol' cardio workout, follow along with the full tutorial above, then admire their smooth choreo in action by rewatching the "Wild Side" video below. Get ready for this dance to flood your TikTok feed in 3, 2, 1 . . .

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