It's Official: *NSYNC Is Reuniting For a New Trolls Song — What to Know

The *NSYNC reunion rumors are true! Speculation of a musical reunion has had fans of the iconic '90s boy band freaking out since August when Entertainment Tonight reported the upcoming "Trolls Band Together" movie might get the band back together. Just under a month later, the speculation has been confirmed with the latest Trolls trailer.

The third installment of Dreamworks' Trolls franchise sees Justin Timberlake's character, Branch, reunite with his former boy band brothers from childhood. In the new film preview, which dropped on Sept. 14, Branch's boy band name is revealed to have been "Baby Branch," and shows that the band will perform *NSYNC's classic 1997 hit, "I Want You Back," at some point. The trailer also confirms *NSYNC will release a new song called "Take You to a Better Place" alongside the film — their first in over 20 years. Hear a snippet of the forthcoming track below.

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Also on Sept. 14, Timberlake posted a short featurette of the members of *NSYNC recording "Take You to a Better Place" in the studio, in which the members looked as comfortable as ever stepping back into boy-band territory.

"Take You to a Better Place" comes out on Sept. 29, according to the song's official website, and "Trolls Band Together" comes out two months later on Nov. 17.

This confirmation brings months of rumors and teasing from the members of the real-life band to an end. On July 24, Lance Bass poked fun at *NSYNC reunion speculation on TikTok, captioning a video, "Me staring at the incoming call from my manager after I made another joke on TikTok about *NSYNC getting back together." JC Chasez also teased a possible reunion in an Aug. 16 video for his Meow Mix campaign. When asked if he got some inspiration from Tabby 5, he responded, "I think working with the Tabby 5, it has left me thinking about other boy band ventures. You never know what could happen." And let's not forget that for Chasez's 47th birthday in August, Timberlake posted a snap of him and his former band member in the studio on his Instagram Stories.

Additionally, Timberlake, Chasez, Bass, and the remaining members of *NSYNC, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone, appeared at the 2023 VMAs on Sept. 12, where they presented the award for best pop. Taylor Swift won the award and said what everyone else was thinking in her acceptance speech: that *NSYNC has to be planning something big. Immediately after the band presented the honor, the VMAs went to a commercial break, and a short trailer for "Trolls Band Together" aired. While the trailer's music began with Timberlake's 2016 Trolls hit, "Can't Stop the Feeling," it swiftly transitioned into a song with the lyrics, "Take you to a better place," which we now know is *NSYNC's new song.

After their VMAs moment, Timberlake posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) of the group riding in an elevator, reminiscent of scenes from their 2000 "Bye, Bye, Bye" music video. "So five guys walk into an elevator," he wrote alongside the video. The official Trolls account reposted the clip as well.

While it's now confirmed *NSYNC is dropping new music, it's unclear if they'll film a music video, perform the song live, or explicitly promote it in any way amid the ongoing writers' and actors' strike.