Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" Got a Pop-Punk Remix and an Angsty Music Video to Match

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In the spirit of Hayley Williams, Avril Lavigne, and every 2000s punk artist that spoke to my Hot Topic-loving soul as a teenager, singer Cali Rodi created a pop-punk cover of Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License," and I never knew I needed a breakup song that sounds so hardcore. With a heavy drumbeat and spurts of electric guitar, courtesy of Ben Carey and Ricky Jabarin respectively, this remix is so good I can practically feel the Converse and thick black eyeliner reappearing on my body with every nostalgic note. Decked out in all black and a chain belt that fills 13-year-old me with envy, Cali sing-screams her heart out to every lyric and doesn't hold back on the melodramatic arm movements reminiscent of teenage me unabashedly jamming out to Paramore and Fall Out Boy when no one else was home.

As if the cover itself wasn't enough of a throwback, the trio also made a music video with moody blue and purple lighting in an anonymous alleyway, which basically embodies every pop-punk music video I've ever seen. The band even gives a shoutout to Rodrigo's original music video by filming several angst-filled shots in a car, bringing it all back full circle. If you haven't opened another tab yet to search all of your favorite pop-punk bands from back in the day, check out Rodi's full cover here and allow yourself even more nostalgia with the ultimate 2000s pop-punk playlist.