Omarion's Dance Challenge Is the Halloween Costume Inspo We Didn't Know We Needed

TikTok has a funny way of bubbling up the best Halloween trends right on time. Who knew a six-year-old video of Omarion dancing would become the latest dance challenge online? Well, certainly not the former B2K singer, who even had to jump on his own wave after fans and the internet brought it back to life in a resurfaced clip. In case you missed it, a hilarious snippet of the R&B star's peculiar dance moves from his 2015 Verizon's "Now Playing" music tour performance has taken over TikTok. And as Halloween quickly approaches, the challenge just gave a lot of people the perfect idea for a costume. Everyone from TikTokers to celebrities like Kirk Franklin are taking full advantage of this challenge that's sweeping social media — even some infamous Halloween characters are taking part in the viral trend. Check out some of our favorite costumes inspired by the TikTok challenge ahead.


Omarion Halloween Costume

  • What to wear: Omarion's standout outfit is a fairly easy costume to replicate. To copy his look, just throw on a long red jacket, a matching red shirt (with white graphics if you can), a pair of distressed denim jeans, and some tan Timberland boots.

Michael Myers Halloween Costume

  • What to wear: If you're familiar with the old Halloween movie franchise, then you know Michael Myers always wears a simple white mask and dark-blue jumpsuit. For this TikTok challenge, you'll need just that and his signature knife to pull off Omarion's viral dance.

Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees Halloween Costumes

  • What to wear: This TikToker went above and beyond the assignment to imitate some of the most infamous scary Halloween characters. For Michael Myers's look, you'll just need to add a long red jacket to the aforementioned list of items. For Freddy Krueger, grab a green-and-red-striped sweater, dark-colored pants, a pair of either brown or black boots, his claw glove, and a brown fedora hat. And last but not least, to be Jason Voorhees, all you need are a black shirt, black jeans, black shoes, a black leather jacket, a mask, and a knife.