Let’s Just Go Back to 2010 and Enjoy One Direction’s X-Factor Auditions

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As 2019 draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the decade that was. But even we forgot it was right at the beginning of the '10s that One Direction first came into our lives via X-Factor UK and promptly became one of the biggest boy bands to emerge this decade. All five boys descended on the auditions from all corners of the UK as solo singers hoping to make it big — but even they could never have predicted that they'd be chosen to form One Direction and have their lives changed forever.

Niall Horan was described as the "Irish Justin Bieber," which is a nod to the times, and also to his haircut. Meanwhile, Liam Payne returned at the age of 16 to try his luck for the second time, and Louis Tomlinson looked adorable with his swishy hair, black tie, and gray cardigan. Zayn Malik showed up at the Manchester auditions to belt out Mario's "Let Me Love You," and Harry Styles's charming story about working in a bakery in Cheshire every Saturday was enough to win us over before he even started singing.

There's a reason this YouTube video's had over 13 million views — hell, at least 7,000 of them are from us — and you can view the full video above.