Friendship Is in the Air! Here's How to Celebrate the Ann to Your Leslie This Galentine's Day

If you've never had the chance to celebrate Galentine's Day, now's the time to break out the crushed diet soda cans and get to work on the handmade mosaic portraits. OK, maybe we're not all as ingenious as Leslie Knope when it comes to gift giving, but her fictional Parks & Rec holiday has given us plenty of ways to show the women in our lives how much they mean to us. So, how exactly do you do that when you're in a (temporary or permanent) long-distance friendship?

Founded on the idea that friendship is a relationship that is just as meaningful as anything romantic, Galentine's Day — which takes place every Feb. 13 — is a time for declaring love and affection to the beautiful, glowing sun-goddesses in our lives, aka our closest friends. Sure, that could mean going all out and hand-crocheting each of them a bouquet of flower pens. But it can also mean writing them a personalized note to remind them how awesome they are, or even just taking some time to sip mimosas and reminisce about the good old days together over fritattas.

Whether you're in a romantic relationship or not, it's important to take that time ahead of Valentine's Day to show your appreciation for the other relationships in your life. A friendship like Ann and Leslie's is hard to come by — there are entire reels of their compliments for each other, after all. But if you're lucky enough to have a friend who tells you how amazing you are on a regular basis and will wholeheartedly assure you that your sleeve will not catch on fire during your next date, remember to show them a little extra love this February. Check out a few ways to shower your Ann Perkins (or April or Donna or even Mona-Lisa) with all the affection she deserves ahead, because friendship is a kind of love all its own.


Give Your Ann (or Leslie) Her Favorite Snack (Chocolate or Otherwise)

Like gifting your Valentine a box of chocolates, snacks do not go unnoticed on Galentine's Day. Whether your BFF is a fan of triple chocolate bonbons or prefers a stack of waffles hidden under a massive pile of whipped cream, giving them a snack is a fun and easy way to remind them you care.


Write Her a Letter Telling Her Why She's Such a Powerful Musk Ox

When it comes to friends, the more compliments, the better. From the beautiful tropical fish to the rainbow-infused space unicorns, they can all appreciate when we call out their best traits and give them a confidence boost.


Host a Virtual Game Night With a Fun Prize

Leslie Knope is the queen of competition, but even if you and your friends aren't, you can still enjoy a game night. Adding in a fun prize — like several tubs of whipped cream or something from their wish list — can also amp up the competition and make game night even more fun.


Jam Out to Your Favorite Songs With a Few Rounds of Karaoke

You don't have to be a singer to love karaoke, and being with friends makes the whole experience even better. Who knows all the words to "Treat People With Kindness"? Who's best at memorizing songs from the early '00s? Break out the microphones and find out!


Go For a Socially-Distanced Hike or Take in Some Fresh Air

Even if you don't consider yourself to be "outdoorsy," getting out for a hike or some fresh air with your friends can make for a ton of fun memories. Decide on a location ahead of time and go for a socially-distanced walk, take selfies together from afar, or make a game of who can spot the most dogs.


Do a Mini Wine Tasting From Home — Bonus Points If It Becomes a Parks & Rec Drinking Game

Sometimes, the basics are where it's at, and on Galentine's Day, that means wine and chocolate. Grab a few bottles of your favorites, or something you've never tried before, and enjoy a few drinks together. You can even pop on Parks & Rec and make a drinking game out of how many times Leslie mentions JJ's Diner, or even how many times Jerry (Gary?) is called the wrong name.


Chat About Anything and Everything Over Your Favorite Brunch Food

In the words of Leslie Knope, "Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?" Even if you can't meet up in person with your besties, Zoom brunch is still a thing, which means waffles, pancakes, and mimosas all around. You can even order in from your favorite restaurant and chat about the last time you were there together.


Reminisce Over the Good Times (and the Bad) Uninterrupted

Of course, Galentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a little bit of time set aside to tell your BFFs how much you love them and why. Your compliments don't have to be as elaborate as Leslie's are for Ann. As long as they come from the heart, they're what the Galentine's Day spirit is all about.


Most Importantly, Have Fun and Remind All Your Galentines That You Love Them

At the end of the day, Galentine's Day is a time to show (and tell) the people you love that you appreciate them. So hit up the group chat and get your Galentine's Day plans rolling for 2021 (color-coded schedule optional).