Willow Hart Proves Strong Vocals Are Genetic in Pink's New Singing TikTok Video

You never know what a celebrity is going to do for their TikTok debut. While some choose chaos, via the route of a secret account you have to stumble across, Pink shared an adorable moment with her daughter, Willow Hart. It's clear that Willow was calling the shots when it came to filming, telling her mom, "Or I could just sing 'Cover Me in Sunshine,'" before launching into song.

Pink previously sang along with Willow during the Disney Holiday Singalong and on a cover of The Greatest Showman's "A Million Dreams." "I know everybody with kids says this — that their kid is their barometer of cool — but Willow tells me which songs of mine she likes and the way she does that is she just starts singing them after one listen," Pink previously told People. "She is my inspiration for everything," she continued. "I think of little girls like her when I'm doing something like this because I want it to be fun." You can catch Pink being a proud mother and Hart's rendition of the song in the full video above.