Diane Keaton Leads a Retirement Community's Cheerleading Squad in the Trailer For Poms

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If you loved last year's Book Club, then prepare yourself for another uplifting comedy about a group of women discovering the joy in life in a very unexpected way (sadly Fifty Shades of Grey and gallons upon gallons of white wine will likely not be involved this time around).

In Poms, Martha (Diane Keaton) reluctantly moves into a retirement community but soon finds that things aren't so bad when she strikes up a friendship with Sheryl (Jacki Weaver), who convinces her to start a cheerleading squad with her fellow residents (who include Pam Grier and Rhea Perlman, FYI). With the help of a talented high school cheerleader (13 Reasons Why's Alisha Boe), Martha and her friends set out to prove that "it's never too late to follow your dreams."

Watch the trailer for Poms above before it hits theaters on May 10, then check out all the other sweet films that are headed your way this year.