Liam Hemsworth Volunteers as Tribute on Quibi's Most Dangerous Game

Much like everyone else, I wasn't sure what to make of Quibi when it first launched in April. That's when I discovered that Liam Hemsworth had a new show called Most Dangerous Game. In case that title sounds familiar, you may have read the original in English class. The Most Dangerous Game is a short story that follows what happens when a big-game hunter gets stranded on an island only to find out he's not alone as he's hunted by a deranged Russian aristocrat. Hemsworth's version has been updated for modern day and takes place in Detroit. Fearing that he only has a few weeks left to live due to cancer, Dodge (Hemsworth) takes up businessman Miles (Christoph Waltz) on his offer to to serve as prey in a 24-hour hunt.

The 15-episode series goes by far quicker than you might expect. It's the perfect series to watch when you have time to spare but not enough time to watch a full 30-minute show. However, the length of the episodes isn't the only selling point. Here are just a few reasons you really ought to tune in:

  • Each episode is more thrilling than the next as you wait to see whether Dodge will live or die.
  • There are a number of familiar faces like Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan from Twilight) as Reagan.
  • All of the hunters are named after former presidents, like Reagan, Carter, Kennedy, and Nixon, adding a layer of political commentary.
  • Toward the end of the series, there's a plot twist that flips the show on its head.
  • You almost never know who could be a hunter until they're revealed.
  • Hemsworth gets to show off his fighting skills (hello, Gale 2.0).
  • You get to see what Hemsworth would be like as a doting husband who would do anything for his loved ones.
  • Perhaps the best reason to watch: Hemsworth spends most of the episodes wearing tight-fitting athletic gear like in the photo below.

And if that wasn't enough to make you watch, check out the trailer below to get a feel for the show yourself.

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