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Quirky Nonfiction Books

18 Quirky Nonfiction Books That Will Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Quirky Nonfiction Books
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It's officially the season to stress over buying everyone on your list the perfect present, but before you give in and just order gift cards for one and all, try thinking outside the gift-giving box. Let's face it, books always make good gifts, but unless you have access to all of your friends' bookshelves, it's hard to avoid getting them a title they've already read. That's why you should turn to the world of quirky nonfiction books for present inspiration this holiday season.

Nonfiction titles are so much more than just moving memoirs and World War II histories. There are books about pop culture, body acceptance, cutlery — basically any topic that you can think of — and they tend to be written in a way that makes them informative and fascinating. Best of all, nonfiction reads even make good gifts for the nonreaders in your life, because the diverse range of topics mean you can select something that speaks so directly to their interests that they won't be able to resist checking out the book. And not to go full infomercial on you, but that's not all! Nonfiction books often come with the added bonus of being gorgeous display pieces in their own right. I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover . . . but when that book is also a holiday present, it's OK to make an exception.

Keep reading for 18 nonfiction reads that will make buying gifts so much easier this year.

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