Outlander Fans Are Still Drooling Over That Adorably Awkward (and HOT) Sex Scene

After a brief hiatus, Outlander returned on Sunday night with a highly (and hotly) anticipated scene between recently reunited lovebirds Claire and Jamie. The romantic as hell "Print Shop" scene — which begins in the previous episode when Jamie faints upon seeing his long-lost love — completely and totally delivers. Outlander doesn't shy away from acknowledging that Jamie and Claire's dynamic isn't what it used to be, and they need some time to find their old rhythms again.

After catching up on each others' lives over dinner (and discussing their daughter, Brianna), the pair finally succumbs to the sexual tension in the room of the brothel where they're staying (yes, a brothel). They slowly strip down in a scene reminiscent of their wedding night and begin to discover each other all over again. It's the perfect mixture of fumbling awkwardness and the passion we've come to expect from them ("Do it now, and don't be gentle!"), which results in one of the most tender and memorable sex scenes in the show's history.

Suffice it to say, fans had a lot of feelings about it, which they shared on Twitter.