The Bachelorette: Luke Wouldn't Leave Hannah Alone, So She Moved Her Rose Stand Like a Total Boss

Let's be real, people: this season of The Bachelorette has been pretty unbearable. While Hannah has definitely been entertaining, the Luke P. drama has just dragged out for way too long. Thankfully, during Monday's "Men Tell All" episode, Hannah finally put everything behind her — literally. Before past contestants from this season joined together in front of a live studio audience, we got a glimpse of Hannah's rose ceremony. Following Hannah and Luke's explosive argument last week, he decided to come back to win her over.

Clearly distraught about seeing Luke again, Hannah pleaded with him to just leave. When he wouldn't budge, she ended up moving the rose stand away from him so she could continue with the ceremony. Not only was it the ultimate power move, but it just might be the best moment of this entire season. Seriously, you guys, this season has been exhausting. "I move my own furniture," Hannah captioned a GIF of her from the episode. Meanwhile, host Chris Harrison playfully joked, "We are definitely going to have to start nailing down the rose podium!"

Here's to putting all the drama (and this season) in the past. See some of the best reactions to Hannah's total boss moment ahead.