Mark Your Calendar For The Bachelorette's Finale! (It's Almost Here!)

It's never too early to mark your calendar for The Bachelorette finale! Hannah Brown has been busy narrowing her group of 33 men to her one and only, so we'll do the hard work by filling you in on all the info you need for season 15.

Hannah's journey kicked off on ABC on May 13, and we know that each season takes about six to nine weeks to film. Each season lasts for approximately 11 episodes, including a "Men Tell All" special, however, Bachelor Nation knows that things always change. ABC always throws a wrench into our plans, sometimes by airing two episodes in the same week (like with the "Men Tell All" special), skipping a week if there's a holiday, or simply not having a rose ceremony one week. Just to be safe, you should consider yourself booked on all Monday nights in July — and then it's straight on to the season six premiere of Bachelor in Paradise!

Based on previous seasons, here's how we anticipate the full season to go (and yes, we have a lot of time on our hands):

Monday, May 13 — Episode 1: Limo entrances, first impression rose, etc.

Monday, May 20 — Episode 2: Group date, one-on-one date, second group date

Monday, May 27 — Episode 3: Group date, one-on-one date, second group date

Monday, June 3 — Episode 4: Travel time! One-on-one date, group date, second one-on-one date, but with a plot twist! No rose ceremony this week.

Tuesday, June 11 — Episode 5: One-on-one date, group date, two-on-one date, different night because of the NBA Finals, no rose ceremony

Monday, June 17 — Episode 6: Rose ceremony, recap

Monday, June 24 — Episode 7: One-on-one date, group date, one-on-one date

Monday, July 1 — Episode 8: One-on-one date, second one-on-one date, third one-on-one date

Monday, July 8 — Episode 9: Hometown dates

Monday, July 15 — Episode 10: Fantasy suites

Monday, July 22 — Episode 11: "The Men Tell All" Special

Monday, July 29 — Episode 12: Part one of the season finale

Tuesday, July 30 — Episode 13: Part two of the season finale and the "After the Rose" special