Even Sansa Can't Hold Back a Laugh During Sam's Speech on Game of Thrones

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

What's a Tarly gotta do to get some respect around here? While Sam is a self-described coward, he makes a pretty bold move during the Game of Thrones finale that could have gone either way but ultimately makes him the laughing stock of the Great Council — and the internet is totally offended on his behalf.

Following Jon's heartbreaking betrayal and Daenerys's tragic death, the remaining leaders of Westeros gather to discuss the future of the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion (who's supposed to be a prisoner, BTW) takes control of the conversation and insists that a new leader be chosen to rule Westeros, prompting Sam to step forward and suggest a more democratic means of choosing a ruler, one that involves all the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms.

"Why just us?" Sam asks the council. "We represent all the great houses, but whomever we choose, they won't just rule over lords and ladies. Maybe the decision about what's best for everyone should be left to, well, everyone." Sam's suggestion to essentially do away with monarchy in Westeros is met with silence, immediately followed by uproarious laughter and snickers all around. "Maybe we should give the dogs a vote as well," one council member suggests.

While no one takes poor Sam seriously, this scene does give us a reality check of sorts on how highly some of the show's remaining characters regard themselves. Sam could have asked everyone to reconsider his idea, but Tyrion makes a suggestion of his own a minute later, convincing the Council to appoint Bran as the new ruler. From there on out, they also decide that future rulers will be selected by the lords and ladies of Westeros. While it's not the democracy Sam was proposing, it's a step away from having to inherit the throne, which definitely seems like progress. See fans' reactions to the semifrustrating yet hilarious scene ahead.

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