Rebel Wilson Brings Y2K to Gen Z in "Senior Year" Trailer

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The trailer for Netflix's new movie "Senior Year" is here. The comedy stars Rebel Wilson as a woman who was queen bee of her high school in the early 2000s. A cheerleading accident sends her into a coma, however, and when she wakes up 20 years later, everyone else has moved on with their lives. Unable to shake the feeling that she missed out on the end of high school, she decides to head back to school. But once she arrives at her old stomping grounds, she finds that 2022 high school is very different from 2002 high school, and that's in large part due to her Gen Z classmates. At least her Y2K fashion is on trend again.

The new movie also stars Justin Hartley, Sam Richardson, Chris Parnell, Avantika Vandanapu, and Zoë Chao. Alicia Silverstone was also announced as part of the cast. Wilson's character clearly has a "Clueless" poster on the wall of her high school bedroom, which might mean Silverstone plays herself in the film.

"Senior Year" hits Netflix on May 13. Watch the trailer above!