A$AP Rocky Proposes to Rihanna in the "D.M.B." Music Video

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After shutting down the Met Gala without even stepping foot on the red carpet, Rihanna made a special appearance in A$AP Rocky's "D.M.B." video on Thursday. Radiating star power, Rihanna is shown smoking off the fire escape and living her best life with Rocky.

After a montage of clips from their everyday lives flashes across the screen, the camera cuts to Rocky wearing a grill that reads "Marry Me?" Rihanna responds with a smile that literally says "I Do" and the couple — dressed to the nines — share a sweet kiss before making their way down a crowded hallway packed with friends and family celebrating their marriage. Since the video's premiere, the romantic scene has left several fans convinced that Rihanna and Rocky are actually engaged or possibly even married.

The single is Rocky's first new music release since his 2018 album, "Testing," which featured hits like "ASAP Forever" and "Praise the Lord (Da Shine)." The video, which features clips of Rihanna excitedly greeting Rocky after several stints in jail, also comes exactly two weeks after the rapper was arrested for his alleged involvement in a November 2021 shooting.

What Does "D.M.B." Stand For?

Rocky first announced his new single in a since-deleted tweet posted earlier this week. Since the announcement, fans have tried their best to piece together what "D.M.B." stands for, but Rocky's new cover art may have just given away the answer. A cover image for the single, posted on the Sony Music website, featured the words "DAT$ MAH B!*$H," which fit the "D.M.B." acronym.

Will Rihanna Be Featured on A$AP Rocky's Fourth Album?

The "D.M.B." cover art also features drawings of Rihanna and Rocky hanging out on a fire escape and hitting the red carpet in their best formal wear under the tagline "A Ghetto Love Tale." Rihanna's involvement in the teaser video had fans speculating that she may be a featured artist on Rocky's new track or even his entire upcoming fourth album. While Rihanna didn't lend her voice to Rocky's new song, there's still hope that she makes an appearance on the full album. If she does, it will be her first new musical release since her 2020 "Believe It" collaboration with PartyNextDoor, which premiered four years after her eighth album, "Anti," came out in 2016.

As of a July 2021 interview with GQ, Rocky says his new album is 90 percent done and he's been bouncing ideas off of Rihanna to get the release to where it needs to be. "I think it's important to have somebody that you can bounce those creative juices and ideas off of," he said.

Watch Rihanna steal the spotlight in the "D.M.B." video above.