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Watch Sam Smith and Kelly Clarkson Sing a "Breakaway" Duet

Our Ears Weren't Ready For Sam Smith and Kelly Clarkson's Angelic "Breakaway" Duet

Kelly Clarkson rarely performs duets for her talk show's "Kellyoke" segment, but she made a well-deserved exception for Sam Smith. The artists teamed up to sing Clarkson's 2004 track "Breakaway" on Oct. 11, and we'll be listening to their soulful rendition on repeat all week. After simultaneously crooning the "da-da-dun, da-da" intro, Clarkson and Smith traded off singing the first and second verses solo and then belted out the chorus together with smooth-as-butter harmonies. Yep, we need an official studio version to drop on Spotify as soon as humanly possible.

Clarkson certainly hasn't been shy about her love for Smith's music through the years. Since launching her talk show in 2019, she's covered two of his hits — "Lay Me Down" and "Stay With Me" — bringing her own flair to each "Kellyoke" performance. She also sang the latter track back in 2014 at a concert in Charlotte, NC.

Before taking the stage with Clarkson, Smith sat down in the studio to discuss entering their "villain era" with their new viral song "Unholy." They also revealed the wild gift Ed Sheeran recently sent them: a giant, 6-foot-tall marble penis that weighs a whopping two tons. "It's actually wild. I thought it was a joke," Smith said before choosing to name the statue after the Duke of Hastings from "Bridgerton."

Watch Smith and Clarkson's "Breakaway" performance above to hear just how angelic their vocals blend together.

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