Sarah Hyland Tells Adam DeVine How Wells Adams Asked Her Out on Social Media

Adam DeVine and Sarah Hyland play the two starry-eyed protagonists of "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin," and their chemistry is immediately noticeable on screen — even if the characters don't instantly acknowledge it. However, this isn't the first time the pair have played a duo who can't keep their eyes off each other. In "Modern Family" — which ran for 11 seasons on ABC — the two actors' characters, Haley and Andy, were also love interests.

In September, DeVine told People that he feels like "Bumper in Berlin" is an opportunity to pick up where the two left off. "I feel we left a lot on the table between our characters in 'Modern Family,'" he said. "It was incredible to have an opportunity to give the fans more of what they loved between the two of us."

"We already felt like we knew each other. He asked me out for drinks and tacos. That got me."

However, in an interview with POPSUGAR, he and Hyland emphasize the fact that their characters are most definitely not Haley and Andy — they're now Bumper and Heidi. "Thanks for tuning in. Please tune into this new show," DeVine says, addressing fans of Haley and Andy. "We're no longer Handy. We're —" "Humper," Hyland interjects, announcing their new ship name.

For longtime Hyland-DeVine shippers, the pair are now in romantic relationships of their own. DeVine has been married to fellow actor Chloe Bridges since 2015, and Hyland tied the knot with husband Wells Adams in August. She and Adams met on social media in 2017, and when it comes to flirting on the internet, Hyland has some simple advice: "Be respectful. Don't bring up . . . bodily things," she says. "I don't know. I was not the one to slide into the DMs. Wells was."

When DeVine asks what Wells said to reel her in, Hyland says the pair already had a connection — he DM'd her after she tweeted her excitement about his "Bachelor in Paradise" appearance. "We already knew about each other from him watching 'Modern [Family]' and me watching 'Bachelorette.' I could tell he was kind of a good dude," Hyland shares. "We already felt like we knew each other. He asked me out for drinks and tacos. That got me."

"I feel like that's a good way [in]: Hello, I'm blank. Do you like tacos and drinks?" DeVine suggests. "From there, you guys will be married within six months."

Unfortunately for Hyland and DeVine, their "Bumper in Berlin" characters' relationship doesn't go nearly as smoothly. When Bumper accidentally steals one of Heidi's songs, things go very awry — but we wouldn't expect anything less from the chaos-prone Bumper. As the villainous, egotistical antagonist in "Pitch Perfect," he was mostly seen harassing the Bellas and, memorably, flirting with Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy. However, for shippers of that fictional duo, Bumper reveals in the first episode of the series, "She blocked me years ago."

Fortunately, that leaves room for Bumper to take off for Berlin when former Das Sound Machine member Pieter Kramer (played by Flula Borg), now a manager, calls and promises to make him a star, leading to plenty of charming musical misadventures.

All episodes of "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin" are now streaming on Peacock.